“52 Ways to Empower Women Rvers” YouTube Series

Join Queen Bee RV Brenda Puckett and
Dana Hext With Empower RV, both Certified RV Inspectors

This is our weekly series focused on educating and empowering women RVers with all kinds of tips for best practices, maintenance advice, how-to’s, safety measures, checklists, and more. Each week we deliver short videos that touch on just about every appliance, system, and component in and around the RV as well as hitching and towing advice, product brand ideas, and even some special guests on occasion.

Episode #1: Best Practices at the Campground RV Electrical Pedestal

Dana and Brenda share some tips for protecting yourself and your RV when connecting your power cord at the campground RV electrical pedestal.

Episode #2: RV Battery Maintenance Tips

Brenda talks with Camper College attendee, Luanne Sbarbaro, about lead acid RV battery tips and how to prolong their life.

Episode #3: Water Heater Tips

 Water heater power sources (electric and propane), on demand water heaters, how quickly they heat up your tank, and a couple of water heater hacks for quicker recovery time!

Episode #4: Clean and Fresh Black and Gray Tanks

 Special guest appearance with Sue Rasmussen of Royal Flush, black and gray tank maintenance, product recs, understanding black tank bacteria, and best practices for dumping!

Episode #5: Water Heater Winterization Valves

Understanding water heater bypass valves and which valves to turn and when? Addressing why you end up with lukewarm water after dewinterizing and a quick look at what it all actually looks like!

Episode #6: Dump Day Advice from a Black and Gray Tank Specialist

Sue from Royal Flush is back with some advice on the procedures for dumping the black and gray tanks along with her recommendations for equipment needed and also what to do after the job is done!

Episode #7: On Demand Water System Tip

A quick tip to stabilize your water temperature while in the shower using the On Demand Hot Water System! We’ll show you how to avoid those cold spots while showering and why they are happening.

Episode #8: Water heater differences and why/who needs an anode rod?

Which brand of water heater do I have and why does it matter?  Learn about the difference between the Atwood and Suburban tank-style water heaters and a simple maintenance tip to prevent a costly repair down the road.

Episode #9: Critical advice about your smoke, CO, and LP detectors

Did you know that you have three different safety detectors in your RV?  And that they all have expiration dates on them?  Watch this week’s episode for critical information about where these important safety devices are located and how you can learn whether or not your detectors might already be out of date!

Episode #10: Propane Safety, Alerts, and Leak Drop Tests

Propane is scary for some and in this week’s episode we are going to explain WHY you have no reason to worry! Your camper is outfitted with safety devices and we’ll explain what you should do when they activate! Plus, there is added peace of mind when you have a professional perform a LP Leak Drop Test!

Episode #11: Using “dog bone” electrical adapters at home or away

Knowing how to adjust for occasions when the electrical needs of your RV are not readily available either while in the driveway at home or at various RV parks.  This episode explains where or when this might occur and how to understand what you can expect when the number of amps being delivered to your RV is higher or lower than required.

Episode #12: Who Are We? Getting to Know Dana and What Drives Her!

For the next two episodes, we thought our viewers might like to know who we are and how we got involved in this amazing venture of educating women RVers. Get to know a little bit about us, our better halves, our backgrounds, education, and previous careers, and what makes this movement a passion for us!

Episode #13: Who’s In the Hot Seat Now? Getting to Know Brenda!

 For the past two episodes, we thought our viewers might like to know who we are and how we got involved in this amazing venture of educating women RVers. Get to know a little bit about us, our better halves, our backgrounds, education, and previous careers, and what makes this movement a passion for us!

Episode #14: POOP And How To Avoid A Critical Mistake When Dumping

We have all heard those infamous stories around the campfire of others that have had poop mishaps while dumping and flushing their tanks. I’m sure we can all agree that we do not want to be part of those stories having had first hand experience, right?

Episode #15: Uncontrolled Water Pressure = Destructive and Costly

This week we are sharing some tips about what pressure levels will protect your RV water lines, pressure regulator types, plus a few more nuggets about water filters.

Episode #16: Dangerous Combinations With Tires and Hitch Receivers

  Mismatched tires, improper tire psi, hitch receiver ratings inadequate for both tow vehicle and camper…..The list is extensive and important! Take a quick listen to learn what Holly discovered about all of the above!

Episode #17: How To Troubleshoot the 12V Battery System Like A Boss!

 A huge percentage of RV repair issues stem from not understanding the electrical system, so this tip delivers in a big way.  Brenda is sharing a slide that is used in our 12Volt Electrical Systems presentation to help students become familiar with what appliances and components operate on the Coach Battery in your RV.

Episode #18: Outwit Shore Power Woes w/Easy Troubleshooting Pro Tip

 Following up last week’s tip for understanding more about the 12V coach battery and the appliances it controls, we are visiting the 120V shore power list today.  Watch as Brenda talks about a common cause for those RV electrical frustrations and a quick solution for troubleshooting on your own.

Episode #19: How 12V Battery Fail Can Mean Life Safety Braking Issues

 At the conclusion of our RV electrical class, workshop attendee Lisa Dempsey talked with Dana about how she was able to troubleshoot her own 12V coach battery and realized that hers needed an immediate replacement. Listen as Dana explains why this was a life safety maintenance item that absolutely could not wait!

Episode #20: The Ultimate Towing And Hitching Checklist Sneak Peek!

 Take a peek at Dana’s personal towing and hitching checklist that she usually shares exclusively with our workshop attendees! Find out her must know tips regarding tire pressure specifics, what to visually inspect on that hitch work, testing trailer lights, and even mirror placement.

Episode #21: Best Practices For Hitching And Tips For Towing Safely!

 Brenda brings you some best practices when hitching and unhitching. She discusses why water can be an enemy, how to safely hook the safety chains to your tow vehicle and visual inspections that need to be performed. A few simple steps can mean the difference in keeping your hitching equipment in tip top shape!

Episode #22: The Critical Breakaway Cable & Why Placement Is Crucial

 After a few weeks of focusing on hitching and towing we are wrapping up this week with the ALL IMPORTANT breakaway cable. Your last line of defense of saving your trailer and potential lives rests solely on where you connect this cable to your tow vehicle.

Episode #23: EMS, The BEST Investment You Can Make For Your Camper!

 The absolute best investment you can make is to purchase an EMS. An Electrical Management System provides the first line of defense against campground power surges as well as brownouts. Listen as Dana explains how the EMS can protect your camper from electrical issues.

Episode #24: Our Top 2 Crucial Tire Visuals You Must Do Each Trip

A tire blowout can strike fear in the hearts of even the most seasoned RVers. This week, Brenda walks you through our top 3 visual inspections we do not only on the job, but also on our own rigs – two of which we perform every time we tow or drive the RV.

Episode #25: Genius RV Hack For Mile By Mile Tire Safety Awareness

 Following up last week’s episode with tips that YOU can do to avoid a tire blowout catastrophe, Dana gives you a sneak peek demo of one of her favorite RV tools:  the TPMS or tire pressure monitoring system.  Learn how this device can be your tire watch dog during literally every minute of your trip, so you don’t end up stranded on the roadside.

Episode #26: Mobile RV Weight Service Now Offered At 52 Ways Events!

Our new and amazingly convenient 52 Ways service is going to change your RV life!  Dana shows fellow camper, Annie, an exact weight read-out for her tow vehicle, trailer, and trailer tongue while also consulting with her on the hitch receiver rating, how to distribute the weight more evenly on her axles, and how to find the exact tire PSI rating for her specific rig, her cargo, and her tires.

Episode #27: Vital Checklist To Remove/Transport Propane Tanks

What might seem like a daunting task is really quite simple when you have a checklist and 52 Ways delivers!  Brenda shows you how to find the date of manufacture for your propane tank and then has a step-by-step checklist for removing and transporting the tank safely to and from the propane dispenser location.

Episode #28: Teresa Gets Priceless Hands-On Practice At Our Event

 One of our fabulous students, Teresa, explains how she was only getting partial use of her RV and the water systems/water heater was a big part of that missing equation.  After attending our event in Amarillo, she had the opportunity for some immediate practical application of the materials and homework she was given in class.

Episode #29: Dog Bone Saves The Day!

 Dana helped her campground neighbor, Rita, who discovered that the 30 amp breaker on this electrical pedestal was broken which was keeping Rita from being able to operate any of the 120V appliances in the RV. Find out the solution that helped Rita avoid having to strike camp and move to another site which we all know is a big pain and not even always an option!

Episode #30: Seven Simple Hacks For Your RV Absorption Refrigerator

 Are you frustrated because your RV refrigerator is not keeping your food cool enough? Is it really true that the RV needs to be level for the refrigerator to work properly? Take a chill while you learn the answers to these questions, plus some easy RV refrigerator hacks, and also how to protect this pricey appliance.

Episode #31: Leveling The RV Just Became 100 Times Simpler!

 Attention RVers with a manual leveling system!  Make your life simpler with these aftermarket goodies that Dana uses on her personal rig.  Watch as Dana demonstrates how she uses Andersen Levelers along with the LevelMatePRO system to make this task so much easier and more accurate than the clunky blocks and bubble level combo.

Episode #32: Crucial Advice On Mirror Placement For The Tow Vehicle!

In this week’s episode, get a sneak peek of one of the topics we cover in our 52U classes using our exclusive Towing and Hitching Checklist. Dana shares her strategies for proper mirror placement on the tow vehicle and why it is super important for your safety as well as those around you.

Episode #33: Life Safety Essentials

In this week’s episode, get a sneak peek of one of the topics we cover in our 52U courses, Life Safety Essentials. Today we touch on just a couple of the important items related to RV and towing safety and offer advice on equipment we personally have and use in our own campers and tow vehicles.

Episode #34: How To Maintain & Prolong Your RV Battery Life

In this week’s episode, we are back at the NRVTA and bringing you some clarity about the different types of RV batteries, some tips and tricks for RV battery care and most importantly, getting how to maximize plus prolong the performance of these pricey and oh-so-important power sources.

Episode #35: RV Tire Tips For Safety & Your Peace Of Mind

This week’s episode covers another one of the most popular topics we teach at the 52U Workshops! RVers fear the dreaded tire blowout and the thought of having to change a flat tire on the side of the road!  Keeping those tires in tip top shape can bring peace of mind, so this week’s video provides some steps you can take before each trip to help avoid trouble and protect this important component.

Episode #36: Stay Safe While Using and Refilling Propane

 Here is another great video full of tips and techniques for safely utilizing propane in the RV, disconnecting and transporting the tanks, and what to do if you exchange your tank or get it re-certified.  Knowledge is power!

Episode #37: Tips For Dumping RV Tanks-Another Poop Episode!

 Back by popular demand!!  Our most popular videos to date tend to be about this stinky topic, and well, we aim to please.  Here are some helpful tips to be as efficient as possible when cleaning and dumping your RV holding Tanks.

Episode #38: Conquering The Wonky Water Pressure In Your RV

Dana and Brenda are sharing advice about controlling that unpredictable City Water pressure, how to overcome low water pressure issues, some of Dana’s go-to plumbing accessories, and finally some tips for using the on-board fresh water holding tank and your on-demand water pump.

Episode #39: Water Heater Advice To Crush Cold Water Woes

This week we teach you how to master those tricky bypass handles that give RVers so much grief when trying to fill the water heater.  We will also share which power source heats water the quickest, what’s the smartest way to get water into the tank, and how to know if water is in there before powering it on.

Episode #40: 8 Essential Towing and Hitching Reminders

Dana shares her towing and hitching checklist that she performs every time she tows. This is one of the most important aspects of RVing that you need to complete!

Episode #41: Decoded! RV Electrical Tips Made Easy

Today Brenda and Dana will help you understand how the 12Volt DC and 120Volt AC electrical systems work in your RV, plus we share some tips and tricks for troubleshooting on your own before you ever have to call a mobile repair technician!

Episode #42: RV Propane Fears, Questions, Concerns! – Part 1

Let’s get some clarity about a few of the myths or misunderstandings, provide some proactive steps to take, plus give you some peace of mind about propane appliances in the RV – because knowledge is power!!

Episode #43: RV Propane Fears, Questions, Concerns! – Part 2

Part two of the popular propane series – great information to help you understand more about this important fuel source we use year round and especially in the cold weather camping months!

Episode #44: RV Propane Fears, Questions, Concerns! – Part 3

Part three of the popular propane series – great information to help you understand more about this important fuel source we use year round and especially in the cold weather camping months!

Episode #45: 15+ Favorite Things For Female Campers

Are you looking for that last minute gift idea for Christmas? We’ve compiled Dana’s list of favorites for this Christmas season which include ideas for Night Traveling, After Hours Arrivals, Safety, and Camping Comforts.

Episode #46: Save Big $$ With Our Top 5 RV Roof Checklist

Dana shares some simple and extremely important roof observations that can save you big bucks when it comes to avoiding the effects of costly water intrusion.

Episode #47: Affordable Solar Ideas To Charge Your Batteries

Brenda shares two super affordable solar options ($25-30) to help keep your batteries topped off while in storage or on an extended weekend – so easy and you don’t need a bunch of tools or equipment.

Episode #48: Dana and Brenda’s First Solar Installation!

It might seem daunting, but solar power is so achievable on a variety of levels – and we now have all of the scoop!

Episode #49: Air Conditioner Hacks In December Because Why Not?

Take a listen while Dana shares the quickest way to cool down the coach after a long travel day – then file this one away until summer.  We promise, you will thank us for this one!

Episode #50: Rhino: Smoothest/Easiest Hitch On The Market

After some extensive research trying to find a hitch that would clear the spare tire on Dana’s tow vehicle, she landed on the Rhino and it was a match made in heaven!

Episode #51: Stay Warm and Maximize Your RV Furnace Efficiency

Brrrrr it’s been brutal out there this winter even in the typically warm states down South, so Dana is sharing some tips and tricks to maximize that RV furnace performance!

Episode #52: It’s A Wrap! – The Best 52 Ways Video of the Year

 We had no idea what was in store for us when the decision was made in late 2021 to do a year long weekly video series that was focused on empowering women RVers.  We set out to inspire women and ended up being equally inspired by all of you!

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